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Alkaline Supplement to Alkalize Your Body Naturally

Discover Why This Original Acid-2-Alkaline Food Supplement Helps Support Your pH Body Balance

*Made with Organic Ingredients Certified by QAI. This alkalizing supplement comes with a FREE Alkaline Food Chart and a 3 inch pH tester strip. *

- Non-chemical, non gmo, and whole food
- Made with certified organic ingredients
- Vegetarian, vegan, pure, safe and effective
- Free from gluten, dairy, soy, corn or additives
- Our capsules do not contain magnesium stearate
- Use this effective non-chemical alkalizing supplement

Help Support Your Body pH

For centuries nutritionists and doctors have been promoting eating a healthy balanced diet. We also promote healthy living and in maintaining a healthy pH body balance by eating alkaline foods. Raw fruits, fresh vegetables, whole grains, raw nuts and seeds are predominantly alkaline foods.

The opposite is also true, we believe that highly processed foods such as sugar, fried food, fast food, over cooked food, coffee, alcohol, sodas, canned and highly refined foods such as breakfast cereals, baked goods, pastries and white bread can wreak havoc on the body.

It would then make sense to eat the right foods and take a supplement that is whole food based in order to help alkalize your body.

How to Naturally Alkalize Your Body

Eating a healthy balanced diet as recommended by nutritionists and doctors is obviously the right option to help keep the body alkaline. In addition, taking this alkaline food supplement will help you achieve faster results.

5 Reasons as to Why Take This pH Balance Supplement?

1) This supplement is a non-chemical based alkaline food formula made from wholesome ingredients derived from completely natural and certified organic ingredients;

2) Supplied in a vegetable based capsule without any additives such as magnesium stearate, stearic acid, silica, fillers, additives or preservatives;

3) Since 1995 we have been teaching how your health and wellbeing can improve by simply improving your diet and taking this all natural non-chemical based alkaline supplement to help support a healthy pH body balance;

4) Proudly made in the USA to GMP standards;

5) Do not take our word for it, try a bottle and decide for yourself. We are so confident that you will agree that we offer a 60 day money back guarantee.

How to Take our Alkaline Capsules

Take 3 capsules daily an hour after meals. You may take up to 6 capsules depending on your pH level. These alkaline capsules also come with a FREE Alkaline Kit which includes 3 inches of pH test strips to periodically check your pH body balance levels and an alkaline diet food chart to help you alkalize your body.

Try it Risk-Free, This Supplement May be Exactly What You Need

The best way to confirm if this supplement will help you is to try it. We are so confident that you will be satisfied with our pH balance supplement that we offer a 60-day money back guarantee*.

We also have the same alkaline supplement in a powder form. The powder pH balance supplement is the most powerful (if you don’t mind the bitter taste) in helping you increase followed by the capsules.

Customer Testimonials

"Thanks for the SUPER FAST service! ps...just thought you'd like to know that I looked up 'ph supplements' online and saw many many listings. For some reason, I scrolled down and just clicked on yours. When I saw that your product was both organic and 100% vegan, and no 'chemicals' I was very very pleased! Now I"m not a vegetarian by any means, but I do appreciate your formulas!! Thanks again!" - Ben

Your Acid-2-Alkaline is totally amazing. I have told my friends about it and they are all interested in ordering." Edna

I have been taking the Acid-2-Alkaline daily for about 2 weeks now and I can not brag enough about this product. I am 74 and live in a retirement home. I have been struggling recently with the smell of my urine and sweat, but since I have been taking your product my urine and sweat no longer smells. I am telling everyone in the facility. Please send me another 4 bottles - it has given me more confidence. Thank you" - Katina

“That Acid-2-Alkaline product you have works so great. I love that your stuff is pure. Going to order the Rest Aid and hope that is works just as well.” - Deborah

“Acid-2-Alkaline - I have never taken a product that has worked so well. It is amazing” - Alma

“The Acid-2-Alkaline is a great product, it has really helped me control my pH balance” - Sharon

“I have taking the Acid-2-Alkaline Caps and works so well.” - Gail

“Great herbal program (Acid-2-Alkaline, Supa Herbal Greens, G-Joint), works 100%, and worth every penny!” - Corinne

“Works like a charm to balance body's ph.” - M S Tan

“I love your Acid-2-Alkaline supplement - it works well for me. I cannot get anything like this from anywhere else. “ - Marie

"One of the best supplements I have used, I take 6 capsules per day and it has made such a difference." - O. Fiorella

"Is it my imagination or has the Acid-2-Alkaline even helped improve my skin?" - J. Rymer

"Thank you for recommending the Acid-2-Alkaline and Respiratory-O Formula, its wonderful to be able to smell flowers again." - V. Pillay

"I never considered my inability to sleep may be a result of my acidic body, now I combine the Acid-2-Alkaline Supplement with the Herbal-Medi-Care Sleep Formula. Sleeping like a baby." - C. Gold

"Although the Acid-2-Alkaline is not specifically for acidic digestive conditions, I can tell you it has been tremendous." - R. Hurley

"Has anyone ever reported that the Acid-2-Alkaline even helps the morning after a big night out? It sure helps me." - F. Cooper


Acid-2-Alkaline SPECIAL 90 Veg Capsules (Organic)Supplement Facts


Acid-2-Alkaline Alkaline Food Logo
This Certified Organic Alkaline Supplement Helps Alkalize Your Body Naturally to Support a Healthy pH Body Balance.
Acid-2-Alkaline SPECIAL 90 Veg Capsules (Organic)
Code:   NB-ALK-CP-1027
Regular Price:   $27.44
Sale Price:   $21.95
You Save:   20.0%

Natural Alkalizing Supplement: 100% natural and FREE from all chemicals, fillers, additives and preservatives.
Chemical Free Formula: Free from alkaline chemicals such as baking soda, caustic soda and similar used by competing brands.
Pure Organic Ingredients: Only certified organic, raw whole food ingredients used.
Organic and Wild Crafted: Made with certified organic and wild harvested ingredients.
Vegetarian and Vegan: Animal, insect and cruelty free alkaline supplements.
Supplements Made in the USA: Made from organic USA ingredients as first option.

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Acid-2-Alkaline SPECIAL 90 Veg Capsules (Organic)
Code:   NB-ALK-CP-1027
Regular Price:   $27.44
Sale Price:   $21.95
You Save:   20.0%

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