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PROGRAM # 1:  Nature's Brands Wholesale Program

The Natures Brands Wholesale Program requires you to buy and then resell. There is a minimum order value to qualify for wholesale discounts. Orders are shipped directly to your store, so that you can retail the products to your customers. We offer the best discounts for this program. Only valid for specific stores, businesses or practices that have a physical retail presence. Selected online retailers may be approved if they sell on their own website using white hat techniques and have sufficient traffic. A copy of a current resale certificate or sales certificate required with first order.

Note: The wholesale program has a minimum order value of $300.00 before wholesale discounts to qualify.

The Buy and Sell Wholesale Program is suitable for:

- Retail Stores and Health Stores with a Physical Presence.
- Doctors, Naturopaths and Health Practitioners with a Physical Presence.
- International Distributors (shipping is charged if shipped outside the US).

Please Note: We are NOT accepting Wholesale Customers that sell on Ebay, Amazon or any similar market place site. We are only accepting Wholesale Customers that sell through their own retail store, or practice or on their own website using white hat techniques.

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