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Vitamin Source Chewable Vitamin C, Acerola, Bioflv, Rosehip, Rutin 100 Veg Wafers

Vitamin Source Chewable Vitamin C, Acerola, Bioflv, Rosehip, Rutin 100 Veg Wafers

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Chewable Vitamin C Wafers : Vitamin C cannot be stored by the body therefore needs to be replenished daily. It helps maintain healthy capillaries which carries blood to many parts of the body. Offers powerful protection against free radical damage and immune building.

- Contains added bioflavonoids and berries.

- Is a great tasting with natural raspberry & cherry, appealing to children.

- Offers a high potency vitamin C in a chewable.

- Vegetarian formula.

Ingredients in the Chewable Vitamin C:

Acerola: The Acerola Cherry (Malpighia glabra) is a cherry-like fruit, which is a rich natural source of vitamin C and has been used traditionally for its anti-micobial properties. This herb is an excellent source of powerful antioxidants and also provides protein and mineral salts such as calcium and phosphorus. Compared to oranges, Acerola cherries provide twice as much magnesium and potassium and they do indeed have considerable anti-fungal activity.

Hesperidin & Rutin: Hesperidin is an important nutrient that works synergistically with vitamin C to maintain the health of collagen. Hesperidin, rutin and other flavonoids thought to reduce capillary permeability and to have anti-inflammatory action were collectively known as vitamin P.

Bioflavonoids: Are accessory nutrients to form an ascorbic acid or the vitamin C complex. Bioflavonoids including Rutin and Hesperidin are part of this Vitamin P group and function synergistically with Vitamin C.

Rose hips: Rose hips have been used over the years to treat infections of all types; they have also been used to treat diarrhea, skin problems, colds & flu, sore throats, fatigue, kidney problems, inflammation, stress and nervousness. They are a superb source of vitamin C, having a much higher content than citrus fruit , they also contain vitamins E and K, the B vitamins riboflavin and folate. Rose hips contain the following: Carotenoids, Catechins, CitricAcid, Flavonoids, Isoquercitrin, Leucoanthocyanins, MalicAcid, Quercetin, Riboflavin and Tiliroside.

Whole Food:  Chewable Vitamin C Supplements may be used alone or combined with whole food vitamins. This combination will give you the best of both worlds, controlled intake of vitamin doses and the vital whole food ingredients.

Free From: Contains NO starch, artificial colors, flavours, preservatives, corn, yeast, wheat, grain, gluten, egg or milk products.
Does NOT contain sugar, starch, preservatives, artificial colors or flavors, corn, soy, yeast, wheat, milk or egg products.

"My kids love this chewable vitamin C. As I am a vegetarian and like the vegetarian formula with the acerola berry, rose hip ingredients and other foods."
L. Van Starder OK USA

We guarantee this supplements for potency and purity of our multivitamins. Free of artificial colors, flavors and preservatives.

Vitamin Source Chewable Vitamin C, Acerola, Bioflav, Rosehip & Rutin 100 Veg WafersSupplement Facts


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