Vitamin Source Coq10 60mg Caps 30 Capsules

Vitamin Source Coq10 60mg Caps 30 Capsules

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CoQ10 Supplement : found in every cell and in high concentrations in the heart tissue.

An antioxidant vitamin that supports energy and action. It helps maintain cardiovascular health and promotes vitality.

Promotes gum health and is an important component in cellular energy production.

CoQ10 is a fat soluble nutrient and best absorbed when taken with supplements or food containing good fat such as essential fatty acids.

Research indicates that CoQ10 may support heart health by supporting cellular energy production. Scientists from the University of California, San Diego, showed that CoQ10 supplements slowed the progression of Parkinson's and also showed a decline of early stage Parkinson's.

Sourced from Japan, the highest quality supplier of CoQ10 is offered in a 100 mg fatty acid suspension soft gel. All natural, without the addition of common recipients such as titanium dioxide. Offered in an essential fatty acid suspension of safflower oil. Provides potent antioxidant benefits and helps offset the decline of serum CoQ10 levels in those individuals who are taking HMG-CoA inhibitors (prescription medications that reduce cholesterol levels. Can be taken with other antioxidants, such as alpha-lipoic acid.
Q & A
What is the source of CoQ10?
It is a fermentation product from yeast. This process ferments glucose and inorganic acid on microorganisms.

What gives CoQ10 its bright orange color?
That is a natural of CoQ10. No food coloring or other ingredients are added.

May be taken with other antioxidant supplements and herbal antioxidant formulas including Antioxidant Plus, Oil of Oregano and Olive Leaf Extract.

Vitamin Source CoQ10 60mg Caps 30 CapsulesSupplement Facts


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