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Avoid Chemicals, Use 100% Natural Hair Dye: This Henna is a 100% natural organic plant based natural hair dye that contains ingredients from plants such as Indigo, used for dying hair from brown to pure black. Rhubarb Root is used to create blonde tones. The dried petals of Centaurea are used to add color. Lichen extract used for dyes.

Although the henna hair dye is a semi permanent dye, the results can last a long time. Repeated application over several weeks is sometimes required to get the desired result. Color fades within approximately 2 weeks and longer if you use a 100% natural shampoo & apple cider conditioning rinse. Apple Cider Vinegar Conditioner helps hold and set the color.
Natural Henna Hair Dye

Step 1 - Select a Henna Hair Color

100% Natural Henna Powder
(use if less than 20% gray)
Black, Ash Brown, Brown, Chestnut, Light Brown, Gold Brown, Mahogany, Burgundy, Red Sunset, Apricot, Buttercup Blond, Wheat Blonde & Natural
Color Chart & Instructions

95% Natural Henna Liquid
(use if more than 20% gray)
Black Brown, Chestnut, Auburn, Mahogany, Burgundy, Gold Blonde, Blondine & Natural
Color Chart & Instructions

Step 2 - Use Natural Shampoo
Use before and after henna hair dye;
Rosemary & Chamomile
Eucalyptus & Fennel
Green Tea & Peppermint
Lavender & Calendula
Lemongrass & Ginger
Sweet Orange & Cranberry
Sage & Thyme
Tea Tree

Step 3 -  Use Conditioning Rinse
Use after henna hair dye;
Conditioning Rinse for Oily Hair
Conditioning Rinse for Dry Hair

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Will the henna powder cover my gray hairs?
The henna powder works for people who have less than 20% gray hair. Your color will not achieve a deep color but rather a very natural color and shine. Because henna does not contain chemicals it is a semi-permanent hair dye and washes away within 3 weeks. People who wash their hair with 100% natural shampoo and conditioner and wash it every other day have better results and the color stays longer. To completely cover the grays use the Henna Liquid.

Q: How long will the henna stay on my hair? This will depend on what type of shampoo and conditioner you use and also how often you wash your hair. See tips below.

Q: Does the Henna Powder contain chemicals? The henna powder is made from natural plants such as Rhubarb Root, dried petals of Centaurea, Lichen and other dried plants that when mixed with water releases a natural dye. The henna powder does not contain any parabens, propylene glycol, ammonia, hydrogen peroxide, nor any other synthetic chemicals that are known as carcinogens that can cause health problems.

Q: Will the Henna Powder work for my beard? Very few men have had results with covering their gray beard. The hair is very course therefore does not absorb the henna very well. Some men have had no results whatsoever and yet maybe 1 out of 10 have had some results, meaning it covered some of the gray. For gray hair we recommend the Henna Liquid.

Q: Will I have an allergic reaction? Although we have not had anyone get an allergic reaction it is best that you perform a patch test in the event you are allergic to some plants. Follow the instructions in the package.

Q: Do you guarantee this product will work for my hair? We cannot guarantee that the henna powder will work for you. The henna is guaranteed to add body and shine to your hair but we cannot guarantee you will achieve the color you desire.

Q: Do you have any testimonials? We have several customers that are completely in love with the henna powder and achieve the color they desire. One employee used to use Herbatint to avoid the ammonia however because it is not 100% natural she decided she would be brave and try the henna powder on a weekend that she was not going out. She has at least 20% gray hair and decided to try the brown henna. The hair came out beautiful and the grays achieved a natural translucent brown highlight which blended very well and looked much better than the silvery hair that made her look older. She recommends a few tips for those who have less than 20% gray hair.

1) The instructions on the package will not tell you to mix the powder with boiling water however, you will achieve better results (just like seeping tea) if you mix the contents with boiling water.
2) Wash your hair with a 100% natural shampoo and use a natural conditioner which helps the henna set the hair. Wash your hair every other day.

3) A customer who wanted a natural red hair look mixes 1 part Red Sunset Henna powder to 3 parts Natural (Natural has no color simply nourishes the hair). She achieves a beautiful natural red hair and gets so many compliments that she ends up referring customers to us. There is no reason why you cannot do the same and mix 2 colors together to soften the color.

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Henna Hair Dye Powder 2oz Black Ingredients

View Color Chart

Natural Ingredients: Henna, may also contain plant extracts of Indigo, Centaurea(thistle plant), Rhubarb (plant), Lichen (algae) and Litmus Moss. 100% Natural Formula that is 100% Chemical Free! Not tested on animals. Color may vary from person to person. See the henna liquid hair color for more than 20% grey.

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Natural Henna Hair Dye
Henna Hair Dye Powder 2oz Black
Code:   COL-HEN-0012
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Vegetarian and Vegan: Animal, insect and cruelty free.
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Henna Hair Dye Powder 2oz Black
Code:   COL-HEN-0012
Regular Price:   $8.95
Sale Price:   $7.95
You Save:   11.2%

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