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Effectively Support Your Immune System So It Can Fight Fungus!

Help Support Your Body's Ability to Fight Fungus with our Natural Anti-G Formula.

- Help Your Immune System Fight Skin Fungus.
- Start Fighting Embarrassing Fungus Naturally.
- The All Natural Way For External & Internal.
- Chemical Free ... NO Synthetic Fungicides.
- A Potent 10 Herb Formula That Works.
- With Organic & Wild Crafted Ingredients.
- Vegetarian, Non-Irradiated & Additive Free.
- Safe & Effective, Non-Chemical Formula.

By estimate, upwards of 75 million Americans have some form of fungus growing on or in their bodies. From yeast fungus to toe fungus, to nail fungus, they all can cause untold misery and embarrassment. In most cases a weak over taxed immune system gives funguses the green light to set up start and cause grief.

Help Nutritionally Fight Fungus Inside with our Anti-G Formula.
Now there is a potent way to help effectively nourish your immune system so it can fight fungus. Your immune system is the guardian of your body protecting it from all unfriendly invasions. An over worked system can open the door for fungus or yeast growth. Our Anti-G formula is specifically formulated to help nourish and promote a strong immune system so there is less of a likelihood of fungus invasions.

Here's What this Exclusive Breakthrough Formula Gives You.
Here are the ten powerful fungal herbs that you get all in just one capsule.

Pau d Arco -This medicinal South American herb contains three potent compounds which are believed to have the ability to fight yeast and funguses within the body.

Garlic- Contains a potent plant chemical called Allicin, which has antioxidant protection properties. This compound has the ability to help inhibit yeast's and to fight athlete foot issues

Goldenseal - this herb contains a substance called Berberine, which can help fight fungus and microorganisms.

Burdock - This herb is considered a cleansing agent of the bloodstream. It provides nutritional support to the immune system.

Olive Leaf - this healthy herb contains two substances that support the body's defense network. It also has in test tube trials exhibited the ability to inhibit the growth of certain funguses.

Black Walnut - The Black Walnut has highly astringent properties. An astringent environment is non-friendly for yeast and funguses.

Echinacea - This herb is widely used to help nourish and stimulate a healthy immune system.

Sage - This herb is high in tannins and has astringent properties, which are thought to make for an unfriendly environment.

Thyme - This aromatic herb contains potent phytochemicals that are considered to be of help to the immune system in deterring fungus and yeast's.

Put the Power of Natures Herbal Pharmacy on Your Side... Treat the Cause the Symptoms.
Our Anti-G formula helps build your immune system so it can offer optimum fighting protection against yeast and fungus. Help your body's immune system fight these embarrassing invasions. Order now and start the program today. Best used with the Anti-G Ointment, Stick or Spray for topical treatment on nails, skin, scalp, mouth. May even be used as a douche for women and men in the groin area.

Herbal Medi-Care Anti-G Ointment  - an effective topical anti-fungal ointment to prevent spread of fungus.

Herbal Medi-Care Anti-G Spray - topical antiseptic derived from herbal extracts and essential oils.

Herbal Medi-Care Anti-G Stick - easy roll-on stick with all natural antiseptic herbs.

- There are many different types of fungal and yeast infections that infect nails, toes, skin, scalp, mouth, groin and vaginal (women) areas. Although different the natural approach is to treat the underlying causes, which may be the same, especially people that suffer from many repeat infections.
- Nail fungus cuases the nail plate to thicken and yellow with a cloudy appearance. The nails can become rough and brittle and can lift from the nail bed. There is usually no pain or other bodily symptoms, unless the health problems is severe.

Customer Testimonials:
"I was faced with an awful skin bacteria growth that was spreading and decided to take the Anti-G capsules in addition to applying a topical antiseptic to help get rid of the spread of the bacteria completely. Well, with lots of patience it worked. I am finally back to normal but I still keep a bottle handy just in case."  - L. Wendell, KY

Product Ingredients:
Safety: Use on a cycle of  4 weeks on 2 weeks off. Alternate with Acid-2-Alkaline. Do not use if pregnant or breastfeeding. Consult a medical practitioner before taking in conjunction with prescription drugs. Consult your medical practitioner if symptoms persist. Do not use if allergic reaction. Do not exceed 6 capsules per day. Store in a dry, cool place. Do not use if under 18 years of age. Keep out of reach of children. Suitable for vegetarians. Suitable for pets.


Health Skin, Foot and Nail Treatment Program including an Ointment and Supplement.

Herbal Medi Care Anti-G Fungal 90 Vegetarian CapsulesSupplement Facts


Health Skin, Foot and Nail Treatment Program including an Ointment and Supplement.
Herbal Medi Care Anti-G Fungal 90 Vegetarian Capsules
Code:   NB-HMC-AF-0303
Regular Price:   $24.94
Sale Price:   $19.95
You Save:   20.0%
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All Natural Herbal Remedies: 100% natural, no fillers, preservatives or additives.
Pure Organic Ingredients: Only raw whole herbs used, no standardized ingredients.
Organic and Wild Crafted: Made with certified organic and wild crafted herbs.
Vegetarian and Vegan: Animal, insect and cruelty free.
Supplements Made in the USA: These herbal remedies are made from USA ingredients as first option.

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Herbal Medi Care Anti-G Fungal 90 Vegetarian Capsules
Code:   NB-HMC-AF-0303
Regular Price:   $24.94
Sale Price:   $19.95
You Save:   20.0%

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