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Are you a manufacturer's representative or an independent sales rep that would like to sell an organic skin care, natural cosmetic and organic vitamin line?

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We are currently seeking motivated independent sales representatives, manufacturer's sales representatives or natural product brokers who are comfortable working on a commission only basis (independent contractor), selling organic skin care, natural cosmetics and organic vitamins. 

Ideally we are looking for reps or brokers who are already selling products to an existing customer base of health food stores, natural practitioners, beauty retailers, chain stores and similar customers. These reps or brokers would simply add Nature's Brands natural health and organic beauty products to their portfolio. Naturally this would exclude reps that already sell similar products. 

If you are NOT already established with a network of customers, but have a working relationship with prominent retailers in your market, this may still be lucrative for you. However, realistically you would have to be an exceptional sales person who is prepared to build a new customer base over a couple of years. You will need staying power and be able to finance yourself until you start generating sales.

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1. To be successful at this commission sales job you have to love, believe and understand Nature's Brands products. If you have a true passion for the product range, being successful at selling will be much easier. Keep in mind we have over 300 products. 

2. Ideal candidates should have an existing customer base with at least some experience in the natural health and beauty industry OR be prepared to establish yourself from scratch. 

3. As an independent contractor you will use your own office, computer, phone, internet, vehicle and gasoline. 

4. Our Compensation Plan is based on 10% COMMISSION on all sales generated from your customer base for as long as you officially represent Nature's Brands products. Commissions are paid monthly subject to returns and payment by the customer. 

5. Exclusivity is given to each sales rep or agent on a customer by customer basis and on a brand by brand matrix, subject to exceptional customer service and modest sales growth targets which includes SKU and brand growth. Don't worry, we are realistic and reasonable. We understand the nature of a long term commitment to a market. Remember we want you to make money, enjoy what you do and be successful. If you are successful, we are successful. 

6. Upon signing the agreement as an Independent Sales Representative or Manufacturer's Representative, Nature's Brands will provide a starter kit with samples of certain products, plus catalogs. We offer phone training, but most of your product knowledge will be acquired by personally using the product, asking questions and reading our extensive website and catalog. 

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Below is an example of your potential earnings:

# of Customers Avg Monthly Purchases per Customer Total Monthly Sales 10% Commission Earned per Month
10 $ 1500 $ 15000 $ 1500
20 $ 1500 $ 30000 $ 3000
40 $ 1500 $ 60000 $ 6000
60 $ 1500 $ 90000 $ 9000

Obviously, you will earn commissions according to your ability to sell and the number of customers in your territory. Based on our experience, this is like building a snowball, although it takes a huge effort to get started it slowly gathers momentum and grows. Realistically it could take a few months to get your first 10 customers and a couple of years to establish a solid base. It is much easier and faster if you already have a relationship with existing health food stores, natural practitioners, beauty retailers, chain stores and similar customers. 

Submit your information for the Nature's Brands Commissioned Only Independent Sales Rep Position. Once you submit your application below you will receive more information about our program and products.

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Nature's Brands is a Manufacturer of Organic Skin Care, Natural Mineral Makeup, Natural Vitamins, Alkaline Supplements and Super Green Foods.

Welcome to the Nature's Brands family. This group of seven health and beauty-enhancing brands continues to have a profound effect on the health, beauty, and overall wellness of many thousands of people. Each of these brands combine natural organic plant based and mineral ingredients into these specific areas: 

Herbal Choice Mari: Our organic skin care and body care brand is 100% naturally crafted age-defying range that can help you turn back the hands of time. 

Bella Mari Makeup: Our range of natural mineral makeup has been crafted to give help enhance your natural beauty without the use of the dangerous chemicals, additives found in most makeup. 

PhytoVitamins: Our brand of natural vitamins is crafted totally from whole food ingredients. Each formula is made from organic ingredients and contains everything you want and nothing you don't. 

Acid-2-Alkaline: Our alkalizing body balance brand was created to help balance your body's pH levels, and to keep acid levels in a healthy state. 

Supa Herbal Greens: Our bountiful harvest of super green foods, nutrients, enzymes, and more is available in powder or capsules, bringing together natures goodness from land and sea. 

Herbal-Medi-Care: Our range of pure herbal remedies with over 100 totally natural organic formulas helps to upgrade your health and to address a wide range of various health concerns. 

Vitamin Source:  Our vitamin supplement brand is made up of a wide range of multivitamins and mineral supplements for health protection and for condition specific issues. There are health-enhancing supplements for men and women. 

Each of these seven brands is a part of the overall Nature's Brands family of supreme quality nutrition and age-erasing beauty botanicals. They have been created so you can customize them to your specific health and beauty needs. 

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Why You Should Choose One of Our Seven Brands? 

The Nature's Brands Products Are Unique in the Following Eight Ways: 

1. Natural vitamins, herbs, and minerals that are easy for your body to absorb.
2. NO chemicals, preservatives, dyes, harmful additives, or pesticides.
3. Mostly vegetarian and vegan formulas.
4. Our products are NOT tested on animals.
5. Our products contain organic natural nutrients. They are not chemically made.
6. Our products are wild crafted and organic as much as possible.
7. What you see on the label is guaranteed to be in the bottle.
8. We make supreme quality products, and offer them at a fair price.

The Nature's Brands Family of quality products is as nutritionally close and pure as you can get to nature. Many thousands of people daily continue to make our ultra high quality line a part of their daily health program. Now it is your turn to upgrade your health.

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About Nature's Brands:
Established in 1995, we are based in Chattanooga, TN USA, Nature's Brands, Inc. supplies a comprehensive range of naturally effective brands. Our Organic Skin Care Products, Natural Whole Food Vitamins, Alkaline Body Balance Supplements, Nutritious Green Foods, Pure Herbal Remedies and Quality Vitamins Supplements harvest nature's pure, nutritional healing powers.

Nature's Brands is a proud member of the Better Business Bureau (BBB Online) and its accreditation standards. We enjoy an A+ Rating

Our Mission:
To supply the best natural health remedies and health products available including natural skin and body care products, raw whole food vitamins, herbal supplements, alkaline foods and alkaline diet for natural healing.

To change a person's perspective about holistic natural living and bring common sense to natural health and natural healing.

Our Philosophy:
To achieve natural living without risking our health, the lives of animals or the earth's future.

Constantly Striving For An Ideal:
All Nature's Brands products including the Acid-2-Alkaline, Herbal-Medi-Care, Herbal Choice Mari Beauty, Bella Mari Makeup, PhytoVitamins and Supa Herbal Greens are made with no additives, chemicals or animal products. We acknowledge that certain packaging is still made out of plastic. It is our longer-term objective to replace all plastic packaging with suitable light weight environmentally friendly alternatives.

Taking Herbs And Supplements: Time Is Required!
Natural supplements do tend to take a little longer to work. In order to gain the best performance it is important to take our supplements consistently over a period of time, especially when addressing ailments that have developed over a period of time. Be patient and consistent. Remember, we all eat far too many acidic forming foods and not enough alkaline foods. Read more about an acidic condition and alkaline supplements.

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