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Vitamin Source Healthy Aging Multivitamin 120 Veg Tablets

Vitamin Source Healthy Aging Multivitamin 120 Veg Tablets

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Healthy Aging Multi Vitamin: Adult Multivitamin and mineral for the Mature Male or Female Adult.

- Plus Vitamin D for bone health.

- An Enzyme complex to aid digestion.

- No colorants or preservatives.

A Senior Multi Vitamin Alternative: Used in place of **Centrum Silver type of multi-vitamin supplements. Unlike many leading brands our multi is preservative and artificial colorant free.

Ingredients in the Senior Multi Vitamin: Ideal multi to begin a dietary supplement routine. The Healthy Aging Multi Vitamin and Mineral is formulated to provide the essential recommended nutrients for mature individuals.

Bone Support: Contains additional calcium and vitamin D content for bone health. About 99 percent of the calcium in the human body is held in the bones and teeth. The remaining 1 percent of calcium circulates in the bloodstream, where it performs a variety of important functions. Calcium supplements help to contract muscles and helps regulate the contractions of the heart. It plays a role in the transmission of nerve impulses and in blood clotting.

Digestion Support: Contains an enzyme complex to aid digestion. Digestive enzymes are proteins specially tailored to break down foods into nutrients that your body can then readily digest. When you eat a meal, digestive enzymes that are released from your salivary glands, stomach, and small intestine immediately get to work to speed up the digestive process. May be combined with digestive fiber for improved results.

Whole Food:  For additional whole food ingredients, use with whole food vitamins. This combination will give you the best of both worlds, a controlled intake of vitamin doses and the vital whole food ingredients required for your body to stay healthy.


"Only after reading your website, that I realize the top selling brand I have been taking all these years has artificial colorants added. I have now changed to the Vitamin Source formula, thank you for the insight." R. Van Wyke OR USA


 We guarantee this supplements for potency and purity of our multivitamins.

** Compare With Centrum Multi supplements. Centrum are registered trademarks and not owned by NaturesBrands.

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