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Bella Mari Raspberry Chardonnay Pearl Eyeshadow 1g

Bella Mari Raspberry Chardonnay Pearl Eyeshadow 1g

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Organic Status 100% Natural and Vegan
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Bella Mari All Natural Mineral Eye Shadow

This Beautiful Raspberry Chardonnay Shimmer Eye Makeup Complements Every Eye Color and Skin Tone

- All natural eye shadow
- Cruelty free, vegetarian, methyl paraben free
- Bismuth oxychloride free shimmer eye makeup
- Mineral eye shadow free from synthetic fragrances, dyes, carmine, corn, soy or gluten

Main Reasons Why You Should Use this All Natural Mineral Eye Shadow

1) Bella Mari has formulated this all natural mineral eye shadow without toxic ingredients making this the perfect natural eye shadow;

2) Comes in an easy to carry container with a screw on lid and a sifter that prevents a mess, no crumbles;

3) This Raspberry shimmer eye makeup has a gorgeous, intense color that can be used day or night;

4) You can create many dramatic or natural looks with this versatile shimmer eye makeup;

5) A long lasting natural eye shadow that will withstand hot and humid temperatures;

6) Bella Mari proudly makes all natural and mineral eye shadows in the USA.

How to Use this Raspberry Shimmer Eye Makeup

STEP 1. Always begin with a clean face. Wash and tone using Herbal Choice Mari natural skin care line.

STEP 2. If you need to conceal dark circles try the Bella Mari Creamy Concealer. To help hide blemishes and spots try Bella Mari cover stick concealer. This may be applied on the eye lid area to conceal redness.

STEP 3. Apply one of Bella Mari mineral powder foundations or the moisturizing mineral makeup concealer.

STEP 4. Now you are ready to apply this natural eye shadow. Take the tip of a dome eye shadow brush to apply this mineral eye shadow just below the brow area. You can pair this shimmer eye makeup with a lighter shade or use on its own. Soften harsh lines by blending the colors.

This shimmer eye makeup works great either in the the brow bone area or crease. The Taupe Pearl mineral eye shadow or the Matte Dark Chocolate natural eye shadow pair beautifully, as well as the White Pearl which is the lightest shimmer eye makeup.

The mineral finishing veil is the final step where you would lightly dust over your makeup to help reduce any excess oils and give your face a natural polished look.

In addition to this mineral eye shadow Bella Mari has a variety of matte and shimmer eye makeup plus natural blushes and mineral face bronzers, natural mascaras, truly natural lipsticks, lipstick with shimmer and natural organic lipstick color.

Try Bella Mari Natural Eye Shadow Risk-Free

We are so confident that you will be satisfied with any Bella Mari all natural eye shadows that we offer a 60-day money back guarantee*. You can purchase samples of this raspberry mineral eye shadow or any of our natural eye shadows in matte and pearls.

Customer Testimonials

“Your moisturizing foundation goes on very silky, I could almost cry when I saw that it did not break out my skin. I have been going through torture with my skin. I can't say enough about your co. I have used organic shampoos from other companies but yours is lovely, it suds even though it does not have the SLS, it is not heavy or oily, lighter weight. I am going to start using your shampoo from now on and your pricing is so much better. I also bought samples of your eyeshadows and it does not fall down below my eyes like others do. Yours was silky, I don't know what is different about it but I loved it, and no other company offers free samples like yours does, I have already told a lot of people at work about your company.” - Stephanie”

“I love your products, I am converting ALL my skin care and cosmetics over to Herbal Choice Mari and Bella Mari products. So far I have loved every products I have used from your company. Next I will try your natural lipstick.” - Melissa

"I want to thank you for selling sample sizes of your products! Buying makeup on the Internet is very tricky, and mistakes can be expensive. I really appreciate being able to buy a sample first. Thank you!" - Sandy

Bella Mari Pearl Eyeshadow Ingredients

Sericite Mica (Magnesium & Carnauba Wax Coated), Zinc Oxide, Iron Oxides, Mica, Ultramarine, Calendula, Allantoin. Label # ING063016.

Natural Eyeshdow Colors In Matte and Pearl
Taupe Matte   Taupe Pearl
Plum Pretty Matte   Cameo Cream Pearl
Purple Passion Matte   Aruban Coral Pearl
Mocha Matte   Mocha Pearl
Dark Chocolate Matte   Olive Pearl
      Mermaid Pearl
      Raspberry Chardonnay
      Plum Pearl
      Blue Pearl
      Victorian Lilac Pearl
      Violet Fantasies Pearl
      Bella Mari White Pearl
An alternative to lipsitck is the Natural Lip Colors, used alone or combined with the Plant Based Lip Gloss or the Mineral Based Lip Gloss or the Fruit Flavoured Lip Gloss.

Try the chemical free moisturizing foundation, order Sample Sizes


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Oct 7, 2015

Beautiful rich color and coverage lasted all day.