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Herbal Choice Mari SPF-30 Face & Body Lotion Unscented 100ml/ 3.4oz Pump

Herbal Choice Mari SPF-30 Face & Body Lotion Unscented 100ml/ 3.4oz Pump

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Organic Status 100% Natural and Vegan
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Natural Unscented Sunscreen with SPF 30

This Natural SPF Face &  Body Lotion Contains Zinc Oxide Without Nano- Particles

- No nano-particles
- With organic ingredients
- No petroleum based ingredients
- Cruelty-free, vegan and vegetarian
- Free from oxybenzone and octinoxate
- Free from synthetic fragrances or dyes
- Free from gluten, dairy, soy, corn, no GMO
- Free from phthalates, parabens, preservatives
- Free from beeswax, insects or animal ingredients
- Packaged in a special eco-friendly violet glass bottle
- Oils are hexane free, cold pressed, non-refined, non-deodorized

7 Reasons Why You Should Use this Natural Unscented Sunscreen

1) This natural spf lotion contains zinc oxide offering natural skin protection for the entire family. The zinc oxide (77947) is 21% (largest particle size used) and we do not use nanoparticles. The larger the particle the safer it is for your body. The zinc oxide offers broad spectrum UVA and UVB sun protection. EWG positively rated our SPF 30 body lotions;

2) Does not contain oxybenzone or octinoxate as these ingredients are being questioned due to studies having shown to mimic the hormone estrogen;

3) The organic oils in this natural spf lotion help hydrate the skin leaving it nice and smooth;

4) Truly natural fragrance free sunscreen for the most sensitive skin;

5) Excellent sunscreen for face and body that can be worn at all times throughout the day;

6) Packaged in a thick dark violet glass for those concerned about the toxic residues plastic emits when exposed to heat;

7) This unscented sunscreen is made in the USA.

How to Use this All Natural Sunscreen Lotion

Shake bottle well. First couple of pumps may have oil in the tube therefore may require pumping a few times. Apply a sufficient amount to cover all areas. You may reapply as often as required especially when swimming. May be used daily, at the beach, park or whenever you want sun protection.

Note: Like any other natural SPF, a whitish layer is left on the skin. If you do not want the whitish film then use any of the Herbal Choice Mari SPF-30 TINTED Face & Body Lotion available in Light Ivory, Medium Beige or Dark Honey. Also try our unscented SPF 30 body butter moisturizing sunscreen which is more oily but very moisturizing for very dry skin and leaves the skin shiny and smooth. See our wide selections of zinc sunscreens.

Try it Risk-Free, This May be Exactly What Your Body Needs

We are so confident that you will be satisfied that we offer a 60-day guarantee*. Add this fragrance free sunscreen to your natural skin protection program today.

Customer Testimonials

"I chose this product after researching "safe" daily sunscreens on ewg.com. I am giving this 4 stars because it fulfills most of what I was looking for from a safety perspective (especially NO reproductive or reproductive toxicity, since I am pregnant), but have not given 5 stars because I don't love the texture/consistency. It's a bit greasy/oily and stays shiny on the face for a while after putting it on, but it isn't any worse than any of the other "safe" sunscreens I've tried. When I almost finished my first bottle, I thought I'd try something different to try to find a sunscreen with better consistency, but I ended up buying a second bottle of this product because I couldn't find a better "safe" sunscreen for a better price!" - EHKC

"This lotion feels wonderful, fresh and light. My very sensitive skin doesn't have any reactions. Ahhhh! Highly rated by EWG, btw." - R Kaz

"Exactly like described." Jesus

"Then to the most important things: The herbal choice mari spf 30 face and body lotion sweet orange is the best sunscreen I have tried and I can tell you I have tried a LOT of different kinds. The price is also good! I have to order one for one of my friends :) I also love love love that the product is vegan!- I only buy vegan stuff! I also have to say thank you for using a fair price shipping company :) All the best and 'see' you soon in your shop :)” - Many kind regards from Hanisa Suta. "

“I bought the SPF face and body lotion that I found on the EWG website in yet another attempt to find a sunscreen that didn't cause my daughter to have an allergic reaction. I was delighted with the results of this product. Not only does she spend hours at the pool without getting sunburned (we reapply every 2 hours), but the lotion has actually improved the condition of her skin! I am using it all over her body everyday. I love this product! My only criticism is that the glass bottle is very unsafe to take to the pool. I really wish it came in a non-breakable container.” - Kim

“I really liked your SPF 15 Day cream. It is not so thick and seeps in really quickly. I also tried your moisturizing foundation, the SPF 30 lotion and the so far my experience with all of your products have been great.” - Goldstein

“Love your products! I mean LOVE them! I am so grateful that I found your company. The best EVER!” - Tara

"You guys have the best prices for the best natural ingredients that I have been able to find. Thank you." - A. Crady

" I just wanted to say thank you very much for offering these great natural and animal friendly products for sale." - Emily

“I am so glad I found your site. With all the cancer concerns I just want to use natural cosmetics and body care products like yours.” - Kathey

Herbal Choice Mari SPF30 Face & Body Lotion Unscented 100ml/ 3.4oz Pump Ingredients

Herbal Choice Mari SPF30 Face & Body Lotion Unscented 100ml/ 3.4oz Pump Ingredients

Active Ingredient: Zinc Oxide (77947) 20.5% (natural earth mineral. Largest particle size used/ non-nano particles). Other Ingredients: Organic olive oil, purified water, wild harvested candelilla wax (plant based), potassium carbonate (natural earth mineral)*, organic jojoba oil. Packed in glass, reuse or recycle. * Not present in final product, dissipates during manufacture.

Packed in bio-energy glass bottle, reuse or recycle. All Natural, Vegetarian, Vegan, Corn Free, Soy Free, Gluten Free, Chemical Free, SLS Free, Detergent Free, Surfactant Free, Cruelty Free (never tested on animals). Made in the USA. Label# ING061413

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Unscented Sunscreen
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Dec 9, 2015

I use this everyday, and love it. It helps with Rosacea.
Oct 1, 2015

I bought sunscreen last time and put it on when we went to magic mountain. No one in my family got a sunburn. Great sunscreen!!! I will never switch to a different brand.
D. Williams
Sep 24, 2015

Nice light sunblock without sticky consistency. Really is unscented. I have tan skin, so is decent in not leaving my skin looking as if I'm trying to be a french mime. lol Also, I like that it comes in a glass bottle. One less plastic "thing" leeching chemicals onto my body (hopefully).