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Vitamin Source Vitamin A 10 000iu From Fish Oil 100 Softgels

Vitamin Source Vitamin A 10 000iu From Fish Oil 100 Softgels

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Natural Vitamin Supplement A 10000 iu:
Vitamin A is needed for healthy eyes, skin and bones. It is also beneficial for hormone synthesis problems, skin disorders and immune system weakness.

- A food based Vitamin A is more bio-available.

- Naturally sourced from fish liver oil

- Vitamin A is essential for healthy eyes & skin.

Ingredients in the Natural Vitamin A Supplement:
A naturally sourced vitamin A from fish liver oil that is synthetic free. Vitamin A is useful for many conditions including vision problems, poor thyroid function, a weakened immune system, and fighting off infections, especially those that involve mucous membranes as vitamin A is used to form the cells lining the digestive, respiratory, reproductive and urinary tracts and all tissue linings of the body. Night blindness, dry eyes, eye infections and skin problems are just some of the conditions associated with Vitamin A deficiency.

Fish Liver Oil: Fish oil vitamin A is an important nutrient. The best  source of vitamin A is is present in fish liver oil. Due to the commonly heard warnings that too much vitamin A is toxic and can result in birth defects, liver abnormalities, and reduced bone mineral density many people are afraid of taking too much of this nutrient.

What is rarely addressed, and must be considered along with these warnings, is the type of vitamin A. There is a big difference between synthetic vitamin A and vitamin A from natural sources. Most cases of vitamin A toxicity result from an excess intake of synthetic vitamin A, not the natural form of retinol (vitamin A) found in fish liver oil.

Because fish liver oil contains vitamin D there's no need to worry about vitamin A toxicity if you take it in fish liver oil. It is virtually impossible to become toxic on natural vitamin A if you take it along with natural vitamin D.

Free From: Contains NO sugar, starch, artificial colors, flavours, preservatives, corn, yeast, wheat, grain, gluten, egg or milk products.

"Great vitamin - I hate taking the cheap synthetics from the local store, thanks for the food based option which I use with the natural beta carotene. I can feel the difference."
T. Curb MO USA

We guarantee this fish oil supplement for potency and purity of our multivitamins. Free of artificial colors, flavors and preservatives.

Safety Notes: Vitamin A in a daily dose in excess of 10000iu. Large amounts of Vitamin A are known to cause birth defects or other reproductive harm. Children, pregnant women or women that may become pregnant should not take this vitamin A vitamin supplement product.

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