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Multivitamin Nutritional Supplement in a Softgel :
An easy to swallow soft gel with 22 essential nutrients that include significant amounts of calcium, magnesium, zinc & selenium. Many people hesitate to take multivitamins because they do not want to swallow several large capsules or have concerns about tablets not breaking down. The Sofgel Multivitamin Supplement solves this problem.

- Plus Lutein & Lycopene.

- Recommended or antioxidant support.

- Easy to swollow softgel.

Ingredients in the Softgel Multivitamin:
With 100% or more of 19 necessary vitamins and minerals, with additional antioxidant protection from added lutein and lycopene.

Lycopene: Includes 2mg of lycopene per serving, a potent antioxidant found in tomatoes. Provides 2mg Lutein, an antioxidant from marigold extract shown in many studies to support eye health.

Lutein: A carotenoid found in plants, is another important nutrient shown to help support eye health. The average American diet provides only 823 mcg of lutein. Research shows that lutein intake through diet and supplementation correlates directly to the amount of lutein found in the macula of the eye. Lutein protects the eye by blocking harmful blue light rays. Studies show that those who have adequate levels of lutein in the body are more likely to have healthy eyes, and reduct the risk of suboptimal eye health. Our product contains FloraGLO® lutein which is obtained naturally from the marigold extract and is a proven, purified source of lutein.

Two per day: Allows for continued supply throughout the day. We guarantee this multi vitamin and mineral supplement for potency and purity.

Whole Foods: The Softgel Multivitamin Supplement may be used alone or combined with whole food vitamins. This combination will give you the best of both worlds, controlled intake of vitamin doses and the vital whole food ingredients.

Take the Softgel Multivitamin with Mineral on its own or in combination with with whole food multivitamins. 

"I prefer the softgel, because I find it easier to swallow ". Customer Comment TX USA

"This is the first time I found a comprehensive multivitamin mineral supplement formula in a softgel, thanks make sure you always have it in stock" J. Togas AZ USA

Guarantee: We guarantee this supplements for potency and purity.

Safety Notes: Accidental overdose of iron contain products is a leading cause of fatal poisoning in children under 6. Keep this product away from children.


Vitamin Source Softgel Multivitamin With Lutein & Lycopene 120 SoftgelsSupplement Facts

Vitamin Source
Softgel Multivitamin Nutritional Supplement with Lutein & Lycopene.
Vitamin Source Softgel Multivitamin With Lutein & Lycopene 120 Softgels
Code:   NB-VSV-11143
Regular Price:   $40.71
Sale Price:   $35.40
You Save:   13.0%

Vitamin Supplements: Quality ingredients made in the USA to GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices).
Whole Food Combined: Many of the Vitamin Source TM supplements contain whole food vitamin combinations or are made from food sources for example the Vitamin A is from fish oil or Organic Flax Seed Oil is from flax seed.
Many are Organic: A number of Vitamin Source TM supplements such as Organic Flax Seed Oil and the Organic Vitamin C are made from Organic Ingredients**.
Many are Vegetarian: Many of the Vitamin Source supplements are vegetarian**.

** See product ingredients, certain products may contain vegetable excipients, may not be organic or may not contain whole foods. Read ingredients carefully for each product. If you prefer a 100% whole food multivitamin then visit

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Vitamin Source Softgel Multivitamin With Lutein & Lycopene 120 Softgels
Code:   NB-VSV-11143
Regular Price:   $40.71
Sale Price:   $35.40
You Save:   13.0%

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