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Nature's Brands Wholesale Program

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You may start with our affiliate program then convert to the wholesale program.

Nature's Brands Wholesale Program

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Welcome to the Nature's Brands Wholesale Program where retailers and health practitioners buy and then sell Nature's Brands Certified USDA Organic Skin Care, Body Care, Makeup, Natural Vitamins, Alkalizing Supplements and Herbal Remedies. To qualify for our wholesale discount, there is a $300 minimum order value (this is before your discount). You may order one unit of each item or multiple units of each item, however the total order value must be over $300 (before you wholesale discount = $180 after your discount). We offer the best discounts with this program including FREE shipping within the USA.

5 Easy Steps to Join Nature's Brands Wholesale Program!
Step 1 - Click the link above and register for a Nature's Brands Wholesale Account (+- 10 minutes).
Step 2 - Check your email address and click on the verify link within the email. (+- 2 minutes).
Step 3 - Wait to receive an email with your exclusive wholesale discount code. (+- 10 minutes).
Step 4 - Place your first wholesale order $300 ($180 after your wholesale discount). Free shipping in the US.
Step 5 - Scan and Email a copy of your sales tax certificate OR business license OR other license to show proof of a valid business that conducts resale / retail / practitioner-type activities. Please Note: Only valid businesses listed below will be approved.

The Nature's Brands Wholesale Program is suitable for:
- Retail Stores, Pharmacies, Gift Stores and Health Food Stores
- Doctors, Dentists, Chiropractors, Naturopaths, Therapists and Health Practitioners
- Estheticians, Health and Beauty Spas, Hair Dressers and Beauty Consultants
- Online Retailers and e-retailers that sell health and beauty products.
- International Retailers and Distributors

Suitable for retailers looking for a CERTIFIED USDA ORGANIC manufacturer that sells a wide selection of organic products at wholesale for retailers to sell including; organic skin care, organic beauty products, cosmetics, essential oils, and organic body care.

Please Note: We are NOT accepting Wholesale Customers that sell on Etsy, Ebay, Amazon or any similar market place site. We are only accepting Wholesale Customers that sell through their own retail store, practice, spa or website. If shipping to an international destination (outside of the USA) shipping is charged subject to weight and destination.

START SELLING TODAY: Join Nature's Brands Wholesale Program