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Chemical Free. Preservative Free. No Additives. No Synthetics.

Do you really know what is in the products you use? If you would like to avoid the thousands of chemicals used in everyday health, beauty and house hold products, then use only our all natural, chemical free, cruelty free, additive free, organic and vegetarian products. You can purchase our products directly from this website! 

Organic Skin Care by:

Herbal Choice Mari

Our Herbal Choice Mari range of skin care and body care products are now Certified USDA Organic. This beautifully crafted line of 100% natural skin care and body products made with organic, wild crafted, cold pressed herbs, essential oils and natural ingredients is good for your skin and the environment. Herbal Choice Mari organic skin care products are vegetarian and vegan, which means they are animal and insect cruelty-free. Feel the difference on your skin when you start using these truly organic skin care products that are free from chemicals, parabens, synthetic additives and fillers.

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Natural Earth Mineral Makeup by:

Bella Mari

Our Bella Mari cosmetics line is committed to offering the most natural makeup available. Bella Mari is free from synthetic preservatives, bismuth oxychloride, petro-chemicals, artificial fragrances and preservatives. Now you can enjoy a complete natural skin care program by simply combining the Bella Mari natural mineral makeup with Herbal Choice Mari natural and organic skin care.

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Organic Whole Food Vitamins by:


Did you know most vitamin brands contain synthetic vitamins made in a laboratory, in an attempt to try and copy the real vitamin molecule? But it’s never the same as nature provides. Our PhytoVitamins Certified USDA Organic vitamins range only contains whole food natural vitamins made with 100% whole organic foods that are additive free, synthetic vitamin free and vegetarian. For more than 15 years, PhytoVitamins has been educating consumers about the benefits of truely whole food vitamins.

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Alkaline pH Balance by:


An alkaline balanced body has so many health benefits you cannot ignore your body's pH any longer. Use our natural alkaline supplement and alkaline food diet chart and start on the road to better health. Acid-2-Alkaline is one of the originators of the alkaline body miracle and is an effective program that really works. Don't use imitators. For best results use our original Certified USDA Organic alkalizing powder and supplements.

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Organic Super Greens by:

Supa Herbal Greens

Our super green food formula contains 36 different grains, seeds, nuts and greens. This supplement is naturally rich in vitamins, minerals and enzymes and helps to maintain good health. It may be used alone or combined with our Acid-2-Alkaline.

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Organic Herbal Remedies by:


Herbal-Medi-Care is made with a unique proprietary manufacturing method from whole raw herbs that are additive, filler and preservative free. We only use vegetarian capsules. Herbal-Medi-Care has some of the best and most effective all herbal remedies you’ll ever use. We offer over 100 different formulas to address a full range of health problems.

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Pure. Healthy. Safe. Humane.

Why take a risk when you could use 100% natural products from Nature's Brands? Our products are all natural, chemical free, additive free, contain organic ingredients, are vegetarian or vegan, kind to your body and earth friendly. Help make a difference and change to the all-natural brands made by Nature’s Brands.

About Nature's Brands Top Lines

Natural Health And Organic Skin Care Products

To strengthen your skin and beautify your appearance, utilize our natural skin care, mineral makeup, herbal remedies and multivitamin supplements. Nature's Brands carries 155 Certified USDA Organic products, including natural health and organic skin care products promoting health, beauty and strength through the power of nature. These pure supplements and makeup lines create a smooth radiance with no harsh chemicals, inhumane practices or environmental hazards. Heal and balance your body and skin on the outside and inside with natural vitamins, green food, alkaline supplements and more. These skin care products nourish your body and soul with simple, beneficial ingredients that are good for you and the earth. Nature's Brands utilizes the powerful vitamins and minerals naturally occurring in grains, seeds, nuts, greens and more to maintain your skin's elasticity, glow and soft textures. These organic, vegan and humane skin care lines are ideal for natural diets, allergy sufferers, sensitive skin and more. Heal and nourish your body and soul with organic, cruelty-free makeup and supplements rich in vitamins. Shop from our top lines of natural skin care products to find true restoration for your skin.


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3 Ways to Check if Your Organic Health & Beauty Products are Legally Certified USDA Organic

You would be surprised just how many companies, even large companies, cheat when it comes to organic product claims. Some companies are so bold they use the USDA Organic seal on their websites when they are not even certified organic! It is always best to do a little investigating to verify your organic products are truly organic.

Step 1: Before you buy, ask for a copy of their Organic Certificate. Make sure you get the full organic certificate not just the first page. Many companies will give you the first page in an attempt to present ALL their products as organic when only one or two may actually be certified organic. The regulations require that EVERY product claimed to be organic or made with organic product MUST be listed on the certificate. If you read our organic certificate you will notice the first page is the confirmation we are certified and the subsequent pages list all the products that are certified. In our case, we have 5 pages that list 155 products that are Organic and Made with Organic. Click this link for a copy natures-brands-NOP-certified-organic-certificate.pdf.

Step 2: Check the back of the product labels for the confirmation the product has been Certified Organic or Made with Organic and by which certifying agency. The NOP (National Organic Program) regulations require these exact words be used under the company’s name and address on the back of the label: "Certified Organic By: (Name of Certifying Agency)". There are many different Organic Certifiers some stricter than others, but on a whole they are all about the same.

Step 3: Look for the USDA Organic Seal or for the Made with Organic statement on the front of the label. Be warned: Many companies use the Made with Organic statement and even the USDA Organic Seal on their websites illegally, so always double check that they comply with Step 1 and Step 2 above. We are compiling a list of organic cheaters, which we will hand to our Organic Certifier for further investigation. If you find any cheaters, feel free to email us their details. If we agree they are cheating, we will then add them to our list.
See Nature’s Brands Facebook page for the original post of this 3-Step Guide.