Natural Health Philosophy

7 Natural Brands To Help You Look Beautiful, Feel Younger and Be Healthier!

Welcome to the Nature's Brands family. This group of seven health and beauty enhancing brands continues to have a profound effect on the health, beauty, and overall wellness of thousands of people. Each of these brands combine natural organic plant based and mineral ingredients into these specific areas:

Herbal Choice Mari: This organic skin care and body care brand is 100% naturally crafted age defying range that can help turn back the hands of time.

Bella Mari Makeup: This range of natural mineral makeup has been crafted to give help enhance your natural beauty without The use of the dangerous chemicals, additives found in most makeup.

PhytoVitamins: This brand of natural vitamins is crafted totally from whole food ingredients. Each formula is made from organic ingredients and contains everything you want and nothing you do not.

Acid-2-Alkaline: This alkalizing body balance brand was created to help balance your body's pH levels, and to keep acid levels in a healthy state.

Supa Herbal Greens: This bountiful harvest of super green foods, nutrients, enzymes, and more in powder or capsules, brings together natures goodness from land and sea.

Herbal-Medi-Care: This range of pure herbal remedies with over 100 totally natural organic formulas helps to upgrade your health and to address a wide range of various health concerns.

Vitamin Source:  This vitamin supplement brand is made up of a wide range of multivitamins and mineral supplements for health protection and for condition specific issues. There are health-enhancing supplements for every age, and for men and women.

Each of these six brands is a part of the overall Natures Brands family of supreme quality nutrition and age erasing beauty botanicals. They have been created so that you can customize them to your specific health and beauty needs.

Why You Should Choose One of Our Seven Brands?

The Nature's Brands Products Are Unique in the Following Ten Ways:

1. Natural vitamins, herbs, and minerals that are easy for your body to absorb.
2. NO chemicals, preservatives, dyes, harmful additives, or pesticides.
3. Mostly vegetarian and vegan formulas.
4. Our products are NOT tested on animals.
5. Our products contain organic natural nutrients not chemically made.
6. Our products are wild crafted and organic as much as possible.
7. What you see on the label is guaranteed to be in the bottle.
8. We make supreme quality products, and offer them at a fair price.
9. Every product we offer comes with a 100% money back guarantee.
10. We donate a portion of our profits to charities.

The Natures Brands Family of quality products is as nutritionally close and pure as you can get to nature. Thousands of people daily continue to make this ultra high quality line a part of their daily health program. Now it is your turn to upgrade your health.

About Nature's Brands:
Established since 1995, and now based in San Antonio TX USA, Nature's Brands supplies a comprehensive range of natural brands. The harvest of nature's pure nutritional healing powers come from Organic Skin Care Products, Natural Whole Food Vitamins, Alkaline Body Balance Supplements, Nutritious Green Foods, Pure Herbal Remedies and Quality Vitamins Supplements.

Nature's Brands are proud members of the Better Business Bureau (BBB Online) and its accreditation standards with thousands of satisfied customers.

Mission Statements:
To supply the best natural health remedies and health products including natural skin and body care products, raw whole food vitamins, herbal supplements, alkaline foods and alkaline diet for natural healing.

To change peoples perspective about holistic natural living and bring common sense to natural health and natural healing.

Our Philosophy:
To achieve natural living without risking our health, the lives of animals or the earths future.

We Recycle When We Can:
We reuse old newspaper, boxes and bags for packaging.

Constantly Striving For An Ideal:
Although all the Natures Brands products including the Acid-2-Alkaline, Herbal-Medi-Care, Herbal Choice Mari Beauty, Bella Mari Makeup, PhytoVitamins and Supa Herbal Greens are made with no additives, chemicals or animal products. We acknowledge that certain packaging is still made out of plastic. It is our longer term objective to replace all plastic packaging with a suitable light weight environmentally friendly alternatives.

Taking Herbs And Supplements: Time Is Required!
Natural supplements do tend to take a little longer to work. In order to gain the best performance it is important to take the supplements consistently over a period of time. Especially when dealing with ailments that have developed over a period of time. So be patient and consistent. Remember we all eat far too many acidic forming foods and not enough alkaline foods. Read more about an acidic condition and alkaline supplements.