Benefits of Miron Violetglass Packaging


Nature’s Brands is proud to harness the positive benefits of Miron Violetglass packaging for our organic products. Aside from being aesthetically pleasing, violet glass has long been used as a material for preservative containers due to its unique properties. 

As we all know, the sun is a necessary and beneficial part of all life as we know it. Much like oxygen and water, life on Earth depends on sunlight as well. However, there can always be too much of a good thing. For example, too much exposure to sunlight can result in sunburn or even skin cancer. 

When it comes to supplements, cosmetics, other health/personal care products (or basically anything that is perishable), the sun can accelerate decay and decomposition. This is especially problematic with organic products that don’t contain artificial preservatives. But that’s where violet glass comes into play. Below we’ll take a look at the benefits of using Miron Violetglass for Nature’s Brands products.

Protection From Sunlight

If you recall from a high school or college science class, light waves appear on a spectrum with visible light taking up just a tiny portion. There are many forms of light that we can’t even perceive visibly such as ultraviolet (UV) light and infrared. Oftentimes, these nonvisible light waves are the more powerful and damaging ones.

If you were to take a standard glass bottle, for example, that glass would let in visible, UV, and infrared light. In direct sunlight, the combination of all these light waves accelerates the decay or decomposition of organic products. 

Miron Violetglass filters out the most harmful visible light while allowing 25%-45% penetration of violet and UVA light frequencies as well as about 60% penetration of infrared light frequencies. This ratio seems to actually energize and help preserve the organic contents within the container. In addition, the small amount of visible light that does not get filtered out is what gives the violet glass its deep characteristic hue.

Naturally Preserves

All living tissue, human as well as plant, emits light which is referred to by the term “biophotons.” We get a great deal of sun-derived nutrients just be being outside and absorbing photons through our eyes and skin. However, another great source of these key photons come from sunlight enriched nutrition. Think natural products that soak up sunlight. 

When the natural and organic nature of these products is maintained, their high biophotonic benefits are transferred when they are consumed or applied. In fact, biophotonic research suggests that the biophotonic output of a food, plant, or supplement is a better indicator of overall quality. Miron Violetglass helps naturally preserve biophotons of the contents within which mitigates the need for artificial preservatives that could actually detract from the biophotonic output.

Because violet glass acts as a barrier and prevents the loss of biophotons, multiple studies have shown that violet glass consistently preserves contents better and for longer periods of time than traditional or amber glass containers. 

See the Benefits For Yourself!

At Nature’s Brands, we strive to only provide the highest quality organic and all-natural supplements, cosmetics, and other beauty and wellness products. In keeping with that goal, it’s only “natural” for us to use packaging such as Miron Violetglass for our products. What better way to package and preserve the best natural products than with a natural packaging that already goes above and beyond the more common glass and plastic packaging?

We’re proud to use Miron Violetglass to package and help keep our products naturally fresher and more vitalizing for you, and we invite you to experience the benefits for yourself. Visit our vast selection of organic and all-natural products at today!

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